Online Leads Training

In a small study by a Local Insurance Association, 55% of respondents said they purchased internet leads in the past, but no longer do. Biggest reason was quality, second reason was cost and the final reason was lack of processes to effectively work the leads.

Buying online leads or internet leads as an insurance agency can be extremely lucrative or they can be a big waste of money and morale killer. There are independent and captive agents out there building empires with internet leads and there are even more agents that wouldn’t touch them if they were free.

Before deciding to forego this highly trackable, affordable form of generating new business, you should give us a call. Maybe you’ve been buying leads and are missing an ingredient or two that can out you over the top and make your campaigns successful. We’ve been working internet leads since 2000 and have built agencies from scratch with online leads as the main source for new business.

There’s a process, numerous techniques and technology solutions that can help you succeed. Contact us today for a free consultation and see how we can help you write more business buying online leads.

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